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What is the clerk of court? Is it the same as the county court?
As one would expect, the clerk is responsible for all clerical and record-keeping functions of the superior court and district court. However, the clerk also has numerous judicial functions:The clerk is judge of probate - that is, the clerk handles the probate of wills (proceedings to determine if a paper writing is a valid will) and the administration of estates of decedents, minors and incompetents.The clerk also hears a variety of special proceedings such as adoptions, incompetency determinations and partitions of land and is empowered to issue arrest and search warrants and to exercise the same powers as a magistrate with respect to taking pleas of guilty to minor littering, traffic, wildlife, boating, marine fisheries, alcoholic beverage, state park recreation and worthless-check offenses.In NC. Formatting added.Other Court Officials - Clerks of CourtTrivia, sorta: The Clerk of Court is where you go if you need to have your gender changed on your birth certificate.
How can I locate pertaining to an inmate that was granted a judicial release? Present jail informed me to contact the Clerk of Courts of the county of conviction, to no avail.
OK, why would you be wanting that sort of information, and why do you think you have a right to it?Such information is generally only available to those in the justice system, and even then only if they have a clear reason for accessing it, or depending on circumstances to journalists if there is a possible public interest story. From your profile you are neither.
How many candidates applied for IBPS RRB 2018?
Fill rti you will come to know.
I got a traffic ticket on August 3, 2022. in Orange County, CA. Today I called the Orange County clerk of court and was told the officer has not yet filed the citation with the court. What can I do to get the ticket dismissed?
First, speeding tickets are generally civil infractions and not criminal charges, so your "right to speedy trial" does not attach.Second, even if you did have such a right, the clock doesn't begin ticking on that time until the charges are formally filed and you are arraigned (which you won't be, since this probably isn't a criminal charge).Third, most states allow up to one year for filing of infractions or misdemeanors, so it's entirely possible (though unlikely) that you may not receive a notice of appearance for that long.All of that said, if you want advice on whether or not you can get your ticket dismissed, you should consult with a licensed attorney in your state who can advise you of your rights under the law, not a bunch of random people on an Internet Q&A site.Edit: California does have a "speedy trial" rule for traffic infractions, as pointed out in the comments here.  California Penal Code Section 1382(a)(3) notes that you have 30 days from your plea to be brought to trial on the infraction.  Keep in mind that this is not from the time of the ticket, in most states the officer has between 90 days and a year to actually file the ticket.Edit #2: CPS 19.7 states that the same filing restrictions that apply to misdemeanors apply to infractions, so the state has up to one full year to file the ticket and begin the overall process.
What would happen to the supreme court and the country overall, if Republicans manage to fill all supreme court seats i.e. nine out of nine?
The political party of the president who appoints a Justice to the Supreme Court, as well as the registered political party of the nominee, is not always much of an indicator as to how that person will act on the Supreme Court. The author of Roe v. Wade (Harry Blackmun) was a Republican appointed by a Republican president (Nixon). Sandra Day O’Connor, a Republican appointed by a Republican, at one time provided the swing vote to keep affirmative action alive. Chief Justice Roberts, a Republican appointed by a Republican cast the vote that kept “Obamacare” alive. Anthony Kennedy, appointed by a Republican president, authored the opinion that legalized same sex marriage. Antonin Scalia, another Republican appointed by a Republican authored the opinion upon which sanctuary cities are based.Political party does not always lead to an identifiable judicial philosophy when it comes to the Supreme Court.
How can I proceed to the Supreme Court after 9 years for filling out a petition?
I consider the 9 years as a judgement or order by the lower court.According to the Supreme Court Rules, 1966A petition need to be filed within 30 days from the date of the order or judgement.So,No. You can't file a petition after 9 years.
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