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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Mecklenburg county clerk of courts records search

Instructions and Help about Mecklenburg county clerk of courts records search

Let's talk about the trial courts in Mecklenburg County and really in all 100 counties across the state of North Carolina there are two levels of trial courts in in North Carolina the district court and the Superior Court District Court is the court where misdemeanors and less serious cases are tried traffic offenses are tried in district court driving while impaired first defense and second defense cases and in some cases third offense cases are tried in district court simple assaults small financial crimes and those types of cases are in the district court the district court is not a court of record it has tried in front of a judge not a jury there's no court reporter that records testimony or anything that said in the district court rooms a judge makes his or her decision based on the facts and law that are presented by the prosecutor and the defense attorney simply before the judge if an adverse ruling is held and that is a defendant is found guilty the defendant can appeal the case to a jury trial in Superior Court Superior Court is the trial court level that tries serious cases felonies that is the original jurisdiction court level for all felonies handles felonies from drug offenses to sex offenses to first-degree murder and death penalty cases all cases are usually tried in front of a jury or pled out if a plea agreement is reached between the prosecutor and a defense attorney.


How are various public record databases, county and state court records, and criminal records used to investigate a private investigator? How are they searched?
Getting the data you need is really tasky, but why do you really needsuch data? its illegal to search through peoples phones and devices,private life in general, but still we have to be sure of what we aregetting ourselves into these days, in this life one thing i know isthat Karma exists and it could clap back anything, can we not becheats and be loyal and honest with eachother, life is short and youonly live once, #YOLO. The latter of the case should always berecokened with, of which it would be known eventually what would bethe data at hand afterwards. definitely netseverhack)(@)gmai| woulddo justice on this. Brace up.
How can I locate pertaining to an inmate that was granted a judicial release? Present jail informed me to contact the Clerk of Courts of the county of conviction, to no avail.
OK, why would you be wanting that sort of information, and why do you think you have a right to it?Such information is generally only available to those in the justice system, and even then only if they have a clear reason for accessing it, or depending on circumstances to journalists if there is a possible public interest story. From your profile you are neither.
In the state of Idaho, how am I supposed to get a copy of court records that were filed in a different county than I currently reside in?
I can’t speak to the specifics of Idaho but in every court I’ve ever appeared this is generally how it works when you need to review or copy a court record. As a general rule of thumb most court records are publicly accessible and can be reviewed or copied by the public. you should know the names of the case principals, the type of case it was, family, criminal or other civil and the year(s) the case was flowing though the court.Assuming the records you seek are NOT confidential you may simply go down to the court clerk’s office and identify the records you require, pay the copying costs (which may also include certification of record’s authenticity) and walk off with your copy. Alternatively, you can call or write the clerk’s office and inquire how you can have a copy of the record sent to you. You can also retain the services of certain attorney messenger services or if you’re feeling particularly flush, hire an attorney to do the necessary legwork to secure the necessary records. You might also check the website of the court and see what their process of securing a copy is, follow through and you’re done.If you know the attorney(s) involved in the case and are on speaking terms with him/her they may also pryou a copy of the record you need. Most attorneys will keep file copies of pertinent court orders/dockets etc., in the case file of their clients. Attorneys should but may not be required to keep case files of closed cases and may no longer possess the records you seek but the court clerk is required by law to maintain records for a much longer period of time and ultimately will be your best bet to locate and copy the record you seek.
Are there any cases of a person with a repaired COA (coarctation of the aorta) during the Vietnam War being drafted? How could I search government records to find out?
No, this in the Vietnam era would have been open heart surgery. Vascular stints to repair the Aorta would have been notoriously unreliable. The draftee would have been cycled out for a medical discharge.
How many months of missed mortgage payments does it take for a “lis pendens” to be filed with the the county court and appear in public record?
A lis pendens a notice of filed suit. It’s filed to let potential purchasers or lien holders know the legal title is subject to the decision of a pending lawsuit. This can occur for any reason, it isn’t filed as a result of any number missed payments. Each State has it’s own statutes, but you would need to know the reason behind the lis pendens if there is one.Hope this is helpful. Thanks for the A2A
Why should it be so complicated just figuring out how much  tax to pay? (record keeping, software, filling out forms . . .  many times cost much more than the amount of  taxes due)  The cost of compliance makes  the U.S. uncompetitive and costs jobs and lowers our standard of living.
Taxes can be viewed as having 4 uses (or purposes) in our (and most) governments:Revenue generation (to pay for public services).Fiscal policy control (e.g., If the government wishes to reduce the money supply in order to reduce the risk of inflation, they can raise interest rates, sell fewer bonds, burn money, or raise taxes. In the last case, this represents excess tax revenue over the actual spending needs of the government).Wealth re-distribution. One argument for this is that the earnings of a country can be perceived as belonging to all of its citizens since the we all have a stake in the resources of the country (natural resources, and intangibles such as culture, good citizenship, civic duties). Without some tax policy complexity, the free market alone does not re-distribute wealth according to this "shared" resources concept. However, this steps into the boundary of Purpose # 4...A way to implement Social Policy (and similar government mandated policies, such as environmental policy, health policy, savings and debt policy, etc.). As Government spending can be use to implement policies (e.g., spending money on public health care, environmental cleanup, education, etc.), it is equivalent to prtax breaks (income deductions or tax credits) for the private sector to act in certain ways -- e.g., spend money on R&D, pay for their own education or health care, avoid spending money on polluting cars by having a higher sales tax on these cars or offering a credit for trade-ins [ref: Cash for Clunkers]).Uses # 1 & 2 are rather straight-forward, and do not require a complex tax code to implement. Flat income and/or consumption (sales) taxes can easily be manipulated up or down overall for these top 2 uses. Furthermore, there is clarity when these uses are invoked. For spending, we publish a budget. For fiscal policy manipulation, the official economic agency (The Fed) publishes their outlook and agenda.Use # 3 is controversial because there is no Constitutional definition for the appropriate level of wealth re-distribution, and the very concept of wealth re-distribution is considered by some to be inappropriate and unconstitutional. Thus, the goal of wealth re-distribution is pretty much hidden in with the actions and policies of Use #4 (social policy manipulation).Use # 4, however, is where the complexity enters the Taxation system. Policy implementation through taxation (or through spending) occurs via legislation. Legislation (law making) is inherently complex and subject to gross manipulation by special interests during formation and amendments. Legislation is subject to interpretation, is prone to errors (leading to loopholes) and both unintentional or intentional (criminal / fraudulent) avoidance.The record keeping and forms referred to in the question are partially due to the basic formula for calculating taxes (i.e., percentage of income, cost of property, amount of purchase for a sales tax, ...). However, it is the complexity (and associated opportunities for exploitation) of taxation legislation for Use # 4 (Social Policy implementation) that naturally leads to complexity in the reporting requirements for the tax system.
How can I consolidate multiple failures to appear bench warrants out of one county for several small infractions (jaywalking, open alcoholic beverage container, etc.) all into a single voluntary court appearance without being arrested?
As others have and will advise your best bet would be to:Retain an experienced traffic attorney (yes, that is a specialized area of practice!) who can consolidate the various tickets that pertain to the same court. ( You can find this out by reading each respective citation.) This would be the easiest way to go because he/she will then, more or less, do the following. Which you could also do on your own. Clearing warrants for minor offenses is not rocket science and the local SWAT team is not likely to surround your home to arrest you. You should then find out if warrants have been issued for any of the various offenses for your failing to have appeared o the original date. You can do this by going to the respective court data bases or those of the local sheriff’s department of the county and see if warrants have been issued.Because the underlying matters are minor traffic matters it’s likely that the court will permit you to respond entirely through your retained attorney. The court, if it really is upset with you may recall the warrants to a date certain when you must personally appear or have the warrants re-issued. Keep in mind traffic matters are money makers for the court and they are more interested in your money (revenue) than they are in seeing you grace their courtroom.Your attorney if she/he knows their trade, will negotiate a disposition of all your matters which may include a sizable fine and/or dismissal of some of the charges. It may be necessary to set some of the cases for trial but these are matters to be discussed with your counsel and depends on the circumstances of each case.Good luck.
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