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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Mecklenburg county court docket

Instructions and Help about Mecklenburg county court docket

Well now at six an immigration official is talking about a controversial arrest at the Mecklenburg County Courthouse that's right it doesn't happen often there but Channel nine learned it may become more of the norm Eyewitness News reporter mark Becker live outside the courthouse to lay out the tactics that ice agents have been using yeah Erica and immigration spokesman told me they don't like making arrests in public places including the courthouse right here but he says it will probably happen more often if Mecklenburg County Sheriff elect falls through on his promise to end a controversial program that identifies and Flags folks without documentation across the street when they're arrested the issue surfaced when activists stood behind a Colombian woman named Maria cometa who'd been arrested by ice agents when she went to court to appear on an assault charge filed by her ex-boyfriend after a domestic dispute where that ex-boyfriend was also arrested for assaulting her 15 year old son it's a very unfortunate situation and it goes to show the type of extremities right that ice is willing to go through Stephan ERT agha says kommedas case is an example of how ice has been stepping up the reinforcement here over the last year and a half but a spokesman for ice told us that's not the issue here the reason this person was taken into custody is because they themselves were facing criminal charges Brian Cox says ice agents would prefer not to make arrests at courthouses but they're not off limits either Mecklenburg County's incoming Sheriff Gary McFadden has said he will stop the 287g program that has identified undocumented immigrants booked into the jail but I says that could actually lead to more public arrests at the courthouse and elsewhere and activists are promising to take them all really what we're doing with the work that come when that collective is is to try to organize that community to say stop we don't and I spoke with the district attorney late this afternoon who says he hasn't decided yet if he will dismiss the charges that Maria cometa is facing here in Mecklenburg County either way though that won't affect the charges she's facing in immigration court where the state US is still trying to have her deported reporting live at the Mecklenburg County Courthouse mark Becker channel 9 Eyewitness News.


Can a judge clear the courtroom saying "If your name is not on the docket, get out or your name will be on the docket!" and if so how do I witness my daughter's case?
Peri Collins is quite right about a judges authority.But the reasons she gives for doing so are bogus and a travesty of law at every level. Nowhere in the Constitution or the law does it say that a judge or government can or should engineer the process for their convenience or expediance.The real reason judges do this is to isolate it's “victims,” away from friends or family that will advise them and/or support them. Prosecutors also have the authority to limit or restrict the presence of those not on the docket.The truth is that law is not all that hard and does not require any great intelligence to understand and use. It mostly requires experience, especially in that or similar courts. There are a whole series of games that are played in and out of the courtroom during a trial. Many rules that only this court and judge have established. Most of which are kept secret or very difficult for the public to obtain. They are only given freely to attorneys.All this is in addition to the actual laws and rules of court procedure. Every single bit of this nonsense has mostly one purpose…to insure you cannot get a fair outcome unless you hire an attorney.All of this can be overcome if you know the law and have experience or exposure to the courts process. And, you have the confidence to stand toe to toe with the prosecutor and possibly the judge and assert your rights and demand the rules be followed.News flash. The judge and prosecutor will totally ignore both the law and the rules as it suits them unless they are being plead to follow them. Even then, many judges will run roughshod over you representing yourself in court. Starting with treating you like a second class entity in the trial process. You may have to get an attorney in the end. But only because you are forced to appeal your case and bid for sanctions against the judge for refusing to follow the rules.Being fair, there are judges that will go the extra mile for a well prepared and behaved pro se. But not prosecutors. Never, NEVER, ever…trust a prosecutor their only goal is to convict you. EVEN IF THEY KNOW YOU ARE INNOCENT!!!!!!NEVER trust your own attorney 100% either. Especially if your not feeding them cash in large quantities. Their only goal is to get you off. If they start to think they can't win or make a deal with your opposition, judge or prosecutor…they will turn on you and use any trick to get off your case!Again, all attorneys aren't like that. But enough are that you can't take a chance unless they are related to you…and maybe not even then!
How can I proceed to the Supreme Court after 9 years for filling out a petition?
I consider the 9 years as a judgement or order by the lower court.According to the Supreme Court Rules, 1966A petition need to be filed within 30 days from the date of the order or judgement.So,No. You can't file a petition after 9 years.
I’m being sued and I’m representing myself in court. How do I fill out the form called “answer to complaint”?
You can represent yourself. Each form is different per state or county but generally an answer is simply a written document which presents a synopsis of your story to the court. The answer is not your defense, just written notice to the court that you intend to contest the suit. The blank forms are available at the court clerk’s office and are pretty much self explanatoryThere will be a space calling for the signature of an attorney. You should sign your name on the space and write the words “Pro se” after your signature. This lets the court know you are acting as your own attorney.
In 2022. I got a DWI. I went to court, but I wasn't on the docket. Before I ever went back, I fled the state. How do I take care of this now?
You didn’t “flee”, at least, not from this. If charges had not been laid, you had no obligation to appear in court, and no obligation to stay in the jurisdiction.If charges were subsequently laid, then it is likely that a warrant of some sort was issued for your arrest.Go see a lawyer. Ask him what to do. Or, call and retain a lawyer in the city where you were arrested. He can make inquiries about what if anything needs to be done to get this back on track. You may have to go back there, and post some cash bail since you’re living out of state.After ten years, there’s a decent chance that the file will either be dead, or they may be willing to do a plea to a greatly reduced charge.I do not recommend just ignoring this, though I have to acknowledge that your situation gets better with each passing year.
What would happen to the supreme court and the country overall, if Republicans manage to fill all supreme court seats i.e. nine out of nine?
The political party of the president who appoints a Justice to the Supreme Court, as well as the registered political party of the nominee, is not always much of an indicator as to how that person will act on the Supreme Court. The author of Roe v. Wade (Harry Blackmun) was a Republican appointed by a Republican president (Nixon). Sandra Day O’Connor, a Republican appointed by a Republican, at one time provided the swing vote to keep affirmative action alive. Chief Justice Roberts, a Republican appointed by a Republican cast the vote that kept “Obamacare” alive. Anthony Kennedy, appointed by a Republican president, authored the opinion that legalized same sex marriage. Antonin Scalia, another Republican appointed by a Republican authored the opinion upon which sanctuary cities are based.Political party does not always lead to an identifiable judicial philosophy when it comes to the Supreme Court.
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