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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Nc separation agreement with custody

Instructions and Help about Nc separation agreement with custody

Music Music hi my name is Brittany Hall and I'm an attorney with Cape Fear family law I'm going to talk to you today about what we call post-separation support so you might be wondering what exactly is post-separation support well post-separation support is sort of a temporary form of alimony you can find post-separation support in the north carolina general statutes chapter fifty - sixteen whose spouse is actually dependent on them for money for financial reasons for maintenance for any type of support a dependent spouse is actually the spouse who is financially dependent on their supporting spouse so once the court determines if there is a supporting spouse and a dependent spouse then the court can determine if it can award post-separation support the court determines if someone will have to pay post-separation support by looking at their finances so basically both spouses will fill out a form we call it a financial affidavit but really what it is is just a budget form and you put on there all of your income and then you put on there all of your expenses and the court reviews that and at the end of the day if the supporting spouse has a surplus at the end of the month based on what he or she makes and what he or she has to spend and if the dependent spouse has a negative at the end of the month and is in need of more money to pay for their reasonable expenses then the court can order post-separation support so what it really boils down to is does the dependent spouse need the money and does the supporting spouse have the ability to pay it if the supporting spouse just does not have the ability to pay then the court cannot order post-separation support another thing to keep in mind is that even if the supporting spouse does not have the ability to pay based on what we see on their financial affidavit the court can still order them to pay if they have the ability to earn more income than the dependent spouse in the long run so if they have more of an education or they have the ability to go and get a better job than the dependent spouse or if they have assets that they can liquidate then the court can order them to pay even if it puts them in a deficit so that's just something you might want to think about it's not always the husband that pays those separation support it could certainly be the wife if she is determined to be the supporting spouse of the marriage what you need to do to get post-operation support is to file a claim with the court so you would do that by first hiring an attorney and going over all of your financial assets with that attorney at that time if the attorney determines that you are entitled to post-separation support then.


How do I cancel a separation agreement, and what happens with child custody in Ontario, Canada?
I have a Muslim friend who is going through separation and divorce process so, I know how tough it must be. His wife and 2 small children of 3 and 6 yrs are also suffering because of money, wife to work and handle homefront etc. Same story everywhere. She took counsellor help and in Canada, they brainwash the ladies to divorce instead of reconciliation. The other factor is cctb $600 pm which encourages parents to fake separation and divorce but govt is also smart to put detectives after such fake or fraud couple. If your wife doesnu2019t want separation cancelled. You cannot help. The law is Canada law not ontario law. Now you have to attend hearing in court, better to have good lawyer fast. Law support women in Canada. So be very very careful! You have to pay for liking western countries. The court will first grant you custody for 2u20133 hours on Saturday and later on for one full day. One year process. After one year, if children are comfortable and court is convinced you love them and they are safe with you then, they will stay 1u20132 days with you. Enjoy!
Can you get a court appointed attorney for child custody?
You donu2019t say where you live, and that could make a difference, but here in Pennsylvania there is no such thing as a court-appointed lawyer in a custody case. If you are looking for low-cost or free help with the agreement, look for a Legal Aid or Community Legal Services office in your area, or call the city or county bar association where you live and ask them if they can refer you to someone.In some places, including here in PA, when you file a custody case the first thing you have to do is schedule a mediation session with a court-appointed mediator, who is a lawyer or therapist trained in mediation. You and the childu2019s other parent would go to mediation without counsel, and if you agree to a custody plan in the mediation the mediator would draw up an agreement for you both to sign. And that would be turned into an order. Good luck to you.
As the company, how do I correctly fill out a Stock Power as part of a stock purchase agreement?
The Stock Power in question evidently is an exhibit to a Stock Purchase Agreement by which the OP is purchasing restricted stock that is subject to forfeiture or repurchase by the company, entirely or in part, probably based on how long the OP continues to work with the company.Yes, just signing is the proper thing to do (from the companyu2019s perspective) because at this time it is not known whether, or to what extent, the OPu2019s shares will be subject to forfeiture or repurchase.So, if and when the time for forfeiture or repurchase arrives, the company will fill in the rest of the Stock Power to transfer the forfeited or repurchased shares to the company - you will keep the shares that have vested as of that time.For the OPu2019s comparison, and for the benefit of Quorans who are not familiar with such Stock Powers, here is the text of the instructions that I put at the bottom of a Stock Power:(Instruction: Please do not fill in any blanks other than signing at the signature line. The purpose of this Stock Power is to enable the Company to exercise its right to reacquire Restricted Shares in the circumstances provided in the Restricted Stock Agreement without requiring an additional signature by the Grantee.)
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