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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Divorce in north carolina

Instructions and Help about Divorce in north carolina

Applause alright Jim Hart back out here today with another episode of the ask a lawyer show this is the most exciting internet related legal show on the youtubers it's not a stupid this is the most exciting legal ask a lawyer a question show on YouTube you with me alright so today I want to talk to you historically what I've been doing the past couple weeks is I've been answering some viewer questions and today I want to go into a bit of more of a deep dive into the divorce process in North Carolina and how exactly it works and specifically what I want to talk to you about is whether or not you should file a lawsuit or not so before we talk about whether or not you should file a lawsuit I think it's important to share a little bit of background about divorce process in North Carolina basically the way the divorce process works here is if you want to get divorced in North Carolina and if you are going through this first of all I'm really sorry I don't wish this on anyone it's a it's not ideal the best advice I could give a lot of my clients is if there's a way to fix the marriage you should try to fix the marriage that's that's gonna be much preferable to going through a separation and the divorce in the worst case scenario you do have to go through this or maybe it's involuntary maybe your spouse wants the divorce and there's nothing you can do about it in that type of situation how do you know when they file a lawsuit well the first thing is when you use the term file a lawsuit in North Carolina North Carolina is a little different to some other states other states when you file a lawsuit for a divorce or for dissolution of marriage in some states it's called basically what you're doing is you're including everything together in one legal document that could be a whole distribution that could be which is basically dividing up what you have when you oh that could be spousal support or alimony that could be child custody that could be child support and it could be also attorneys fees and it also could be some tort claims tort is a fancy word saying you know if there was physical abuse during the marriage or if there there's something else that you would need to sue your spouse for then you can include that in the complaint the complaint is how you start a lawsuit by the way so little background that's how most states do it North Carolina is completely funky you can you cannot file for divorce in North Carolina until you've after you've been separated for one year one year in a day that's the soonest you can actually file for divorce so when people come to me and they're not even separated.


How difficult is it to get a divorce in North Carolina?
How difficult is it to get a divorce in North Carolina?nHow long does it take to get a divorce in North Carolina?nIs it very difficult for a veteran to take a divorce in North Carolina? I have heard of stories that want women to leave their husband without any income. Is the law there so much in favor of women?nWhat are some must have tips and tricks to getting divorced in the state of North Carolina?nWhere can I find a good lawyer who specializes in veterans' divorce cases in North Carolina?nIu2019m currently going through a divorce in North Carolina. Is there a way I can find out if my wife got served the divorce summons if she lives in another state? Can I call the Sheriffu2019s Office to see if they have the divorce civil summons?nHow can a 16-year-old in North Carolina get a divorce?nIn North Carolina, are there exceptions to dividing property 50/50 in a divorce?nWhat if I live in Michigan, and I am subpoenaed to a relativeu2019s divorce proceeding in North Carolina? Who pays for my expenses?n
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