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I am filing for a divorce, and I don't want child support from my wife. Is there a form to fill out?
You need to sek an answer from your attorney. Social media is not the appropriate place to ask this question.
How does a person in Pennsylvania file for a divorce and child support with an out of state spouse?
Your first step is determining whether Pennsylvania is the right state for you to file in. 1. Consider where the minor children have lived for the past 6 months and where the minor children will live going forward. A court will typically only make custody and support orders for children that have resided in the state and/or will going forward. If the answer is Pennsylvania, move to the next consideration. 2. As long as you meet the residential requirements of the state of Pennsylvania, you can file for divorce in Pennsylvania, regardless of where your spouse lives. Pennsylvania requires that you live in the state for a minimum for six months before filing for divorce. Your next step is proper service. Once you have filed for your divorce in the proper place, the biggest difference when your spouse lives out of state is how you will notify your out-of-state spouse that you have filed for divorce. Typically, you will be required to pay a process server to serve your divorce documents personally to your out-of-state spouse. It can slow your divorce process. After proper service to your out of state spouse, the remainder of the divorce process typically remains the same regardless of where your spouse resides, with a handful of variations. Additionally, you must be mindful of what your spouse is doing. Has your spouse also filed for divorce in their state of residence? Has your spouse filed custody or support actions in their state of residence? You must deal with these out-of-state actions before a judgment of divorce is entered in any state. Asking for dismissal of those actions due to improper "venue" is your best bet.
How do you deal with your child acting out because of your divorce?
Kids go through lot of insecurities and mental turmoil when the parents go thru Divorce. They are disturbed. Kids always need both the parents no matter what. They understand only love and nothing else.Deep down they feel the fear and the guilt. If not handled carefully, they can become criminals, they get depressed, they do all weird things to get attention.Here are a few things you can do to make them behave well. First you will have to believe that Divorce is not the end of the world. Brighter side, it’s another opportunity to let life blossom once again.Make happiness a choice. If you are cheerful, your kids will be automatically balanced. Which child can be happy when the parents are separated and sad??Treat them with love care and extra patience. They are traumatized right now. There world is shattered. They are missing the other parent too. Please don’t yell at them, abuse them.Give them the assurance that Everything is going to be alright. Please don’t speak I’ll of the other partner. They can figure out on their own. They will not forgive you if you speak I’ll of the other spice. Kids judge us as parents as they grow.Please don’t spoil them by giving things you can’t afford. Be very normal and firm with the kids. Please allow them to meet their other parent unless you are completely relocating.Spend lot of quality time with the kids doing physical activities like, jogging dancing, trekking, cycling , even small help while cooking. The idea is to spend more and more time together.Ask the kids about their day at the school. Who they met. Who said what? Any new friends, fights?? Any bullies?? Gives a lot of confidence to the kids.At least once in a way hug them and sleep. They need to feel more loved and secured than before Don’t show them your pain and anger. They did nothing to deserve that. Be much more loving than before..Kids don’t need expensive things. They just need love stability, consistency and attention. Over a period of time, iftread well, they will be normal. And love you for the rest of your life.How you can tackle them also depends on how young they are and how much they can actually understand.Once you are relaxed. The kids will be fine.Image courtesy google
Is it illegal to move out of the USA with your child (haven't filed for divorce and live in Texas)?
It very well could be, particularly if the move is to deprive the other parent of the presence of the child in each other’s lives. If there is concern for the physical or emotional well-being of the child, get medical and/or mental health professionals involved at once to evaluate the child and deal with the problem you perceive. Otherwise, the crime you could be charged with is parental kidnapping. And that is a crime. Deal with any problem in the Texas courts without subjecting the child to any possible abusive behavior inflicted by you for uprooting the child and absconding.
How much do you think Jeff Bezos' wife, MacKenzie Bezos, will make in their divorce settlement?
Washington is a community state, meaning that in a divorce settlement without a prenuptial agreement, each partner is entitled to half the assets made during a marriage.Bezos has an estimated net worth of $137 billion (yes, that’s billion with a “b”). Legally, MacKenzie Bezos, his estranged wife of 25 years, can receive half that fortune: roughly $68.5 billion.Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and Amancio Ortega are all worth more than that amount, and Mark Zuckerberg isn’t far behind.However …A 50/50 settlement among multi-billionaires IS VERY RARE. The number of multi-billionaires (worth more than 10B USD) who divorce their first spouses after they make their wealth is actually quite low. Most multi-billionaires who have been divorced either went through a divorce before they made their fortune (like Richard Branson) or signed a prenuptial agreement (like Larry Ellison), so they got to keep most of their fortunes. There have been several “normal” billionaires who have gotten divorced after long marriages (such as David Rubenstein and Ted Turner), but these people were only worth a few billion, meaning that their settlement didn’t exactly break a world record. Many of these billionaires who divorced gave their spouses a substantial settlement which was less than half their net worth, primarily because the couples wanted to finish their divorce with minimal animosity.Because this is an “amicable” divorce (note that I put “amicable” in quotation marks because no divorce is without its fair share of battling), MacKenzie will most likely walk away with a few billion dollars and allow Bezos to keep control of his business interests. This could very well be a record-breaking divorce settlement, but it is very unlikely that Bezos will lose 50% of his net worth.The circumstances of the divorce itself seem suspicious. Jeff and MacKenzie are known to be a publically affectionate couple, and he often makes a mention of her on Twitter. Bezos and his wife have praised each other in the past, and they very recently vacationed together and seemed to be happy. The separation (note that Jeff Bezos said they had been separated) did not make National Enquirer or some other tabloid, which is unusual since a Bezos separation would have probably filled the front pages of those news outlets. Bezos and his wife seemed to have a rock solid marriage, one made out of mutual love and respect, and they also share four teenage kids.For all we know, the divorce announcement may simply be a belated April Fool’s joke …• actually, it isn’t. He cheated on her. Get ready for a juicy scandal!Jeff Bezos• Raunchy Text Messages That Prove Illicit Affair
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