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How to complete any NC Court Form Complaint Absolute Divorce online:

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing North carolina divorce court

Instructions and Help about North carolina divorce court

This video has been made available by the North Carolina Bar Association and legal aid of North Carolina as a public service this video is for general informational purposes only the video is designed for people who cannot afford to hire a private attorney to address their custody issues the North Carolina Bar Association and legal aid of North Carolina make no assurances that this video will enable you to succeed in resolving your custody matter the information provided in the video is general legal information it is not legal advice legal advice is dependent on the specific circumstances of each situation the information contained in this video is not guaranteed and the information contained in the packet cannot replace the advice of a competent attorney licensed in your state it does not imply that the North Carolina Bar Association or legal aid of North Carolina has agreed to represent you or pryou with further advice or counsel no one from legal aid or the North Carolina Bar Association will appear on your behalf in court in no event will the North Carolina Bar Association or legal aid of North Carolina or anyone contributing to the production of this video be held responsible for any damage resulting from the use of the video this video is meant to assist parents who are preparing for a custody trial in North Carolina courts laws vary from state to state if you are not located in North Carolina or you are not a biological or adoptive parent of the child you are seeking custody of the information in this video may not apply to your custody case if you have any questions about how to prepare for your custody trial or how to present your case please consult with a competent domestic attorney in your area if you are separating or divorcing your children deserve a conflict-free resolution to their custodial arrangements it is almost always in your best interest and in the children's best interests if you can resolve your custody dispute without a trial the court system is expensive and can take an extended amount of time if you are unable to resolve your custody dispute through mediation or collaborative means this video is meant to pryou with some insight into the court system and how your trial might proceed I've followed my custody case and my ex-partner and I have tried mediation I have a custody case set for trial what happens when I get to the courtroom on the day of the hearing in most courtrooms a judge and a courtroom Clerk are in the courtroom the judge or clerk will call all of the cases on the calendar be sure that when you hear your name called you answer loudly and clearly to let the judge know you are present when the judge is ready to hear your case the judge will call your name again and ask that you come forward after my case.

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