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Mecklenburg county divorce s Form: What You Should Know

Certificate of Identity for Residents and Out-of-State Persons. Mecklenburg County, Appellate Court Information Brochure and Forms. Mecklenburg County Department of Human Resources, Guide to the State of North Carolina's Public Benefits System. Mecklenburg County, Child Support Guidelines (PDF) Mecklenburg County, Divorce and Family Court Form Guide. Mecklenburg County, Eviction Forms. Mecklenburg County, Eviction Hearings and Orders, Eviction Notice (PDF). Mecklenburg County, Family and Divorce: Child Custody, Visitation and Child Support, Custody Hearing (PDF) Mecklenburg County, Family and Divorce: Domestic Violence Forms. Mecklenburg County, Family and Divorce: Domestic Sexual Violence, Child Support and Child Custody, Custody Hearing (PDF). Mecklenburg County, Family and Divorce: Domestic Violence Cases, Forms and Procedures (PDF) Mecklenburg County, Family and Divorce: Domestic Violence Hearings-Form (PDF). Mecklenburg County, Family and Divorce: Domestic Violence Hearings (PDF); Domestic Violence Hearings & Orders (PDF) Mecklenburg County, Foster Care and Support Order (PDF). Mecklenburg County, Guardianship Case Review and Adoption; Domestic Violence Adoption Orders, Forms and Procedures (PDF). Mecklenburg County, Guardianship Law and Probate: Case Review and Case Management, Forms and Procedures (PDF). Mecklenburg County, Health Benefits Program, Benefit Cards (PDF) Mecklenburg County, Health Programs, Benefits and Health Care Coverage (PDF); Child Support Determination & Court Orders (PDF). Mecklenburg County, Hospital Billing Information (PDF) Mecklenburg County, Income and Employment Assistance Programs (PDF); Child Support Determination and Court Orders Forms and Procedures (PDF); In-Home Supportive Services — Form 14-9. Mecklenburg County, Leases and Rentals (PDF). Mecklenburg County, Licenses and Regulations (PDF). Mecklenburg County, Medical Records (PDF). Mecklenburg County, Mental Health Program (PDF). Mecklenburg County, Medical/Health Insurance Coverage (PDF). Mecklenburg County, Property Registry Information, Land Records (PDF). Mecklenburg County, Property Records and Information (PDF).

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Instructions and Help about Mecklenburg county divorce forms

Alright, because I did one on how to get married, why not do one on how to get divorced in North Carolina? Getting a divorce in North Carolina is a pain in the butt, but it is possible. What I'm going to be going over is pretty much how to do it yourself without any lawyers, without any disputes or children, just a basic divorce. Because it really gets hairy, there's a lot of legal stuff when it comes to having kids and dealing with property and stuff like that when you can't agree on it. If you do agree on everything when it comes to houses, cars, anything like that, just write up a separation agreement. Basically, it's just a piece of paper saying this goes to this person, this goes to this person, we already figured this out. Get it signed, get it notarized, and nothing can change after that, unless you want to change it and you both agree on it. Then re-sign and reauthorize it. So basically, you need to be separated for a whole year. I'll go through most of this packet that's up here. Also, I'll put it in the description if you want to look at it. So you need to be separated for a year, meaning you cannot be living together, and there's a special thing in North Carolina - you can sleep together, you just cannot live together because North Carolina wants you to get back together. That's why they give you an entire year to think about your divorce. Once you are separated for a year, then you can file. But before you file, you need to be here for at least six months. Obviously, you have to be married to the person. And once you have been married to...